FERICCI | London Escape

The "La bourgeoise" 2019 campaign combines a "British Street" style with a certain idea of luxury.

The cuts magnify the feminine silhouette with their claimed and asserted glamour.

The beading and delicate embroidery made entirely by hand, required several hundred hours of work.

The meticulously chosen colour tones, French pearls and transparency games bring modernity and elegance.

These are two strong pieces, both very chic and very sexy.

wedding dresses


The FERICCI Couture House gives exceptional attention to detail and a perfect finish quality.

During this campaign, each rental has been chosen in order to highlight the iconic codes of the brand.

Among the latter, the theme "girly" leaves expressed all the sensuality and feminine charm. 

The delicately dressed eyes of a deep pink, the lips covered with a glossy veil and the cheekbones raised by a radiant "light pink", push the thanks to its climax. 

The beauty and softness of the colorful streets of Notting Hill, we transpose into a chic and glossy universe, in total harmony with the spirit of the brand.

Moreover, in order to highlight the contemporary and modern character of the FERICCI dresses, a combination of the elements turned "Street" was imagined.

Thus, in this campaign, we discover impressive catches made on a roof top located in Central London.


The contrast between the urban environment and the wedding dress is still revisited in one of the most famous squares of the metropolis, Piccadilly Circus.